Developer Review: Angels Fall First

An intriguing game, involving potentially huge battles with the player able to take any role from a foot soldier to a capital ship captain. Unfortunately it is hamstrung by a combination of a history of technical issues, low player numbers and poor awareness. The slow development speed, lack of clarity on what the long term development plan is, and appearance of a game sliding into oblivion result in a negative rating.

However, the developers plan to fully release towards the end of 2016, their communication with the community is excellent, and they are very honest as to the state of the game. If the game has dealt with its technical issues by full release, and the promised new content is added, Angels Fall First could be a hit as the "full" release will give it a second chance at publicity.
Angels Fall First 
Date of Developer Review:January 28th, 2016
Date of Developer Interview:Not interviewed
Game Name:Angels Fall First
Game Version:Patch 6
Studio Name:Strangely Interactive
Current Employees:Unknown, believed to be a small number
Steam release date:October 1st, 2015
Number of months funding available:Unknown
Principle funding source:Unknown, self-financing mentioned in their indie db studio description.
Steam link:Angels Fall First
Community interaction rating:A
Development speed rating:C
Development clarity rating:D
Developer honesty rating:A
Estimated finish date:1 year from release, according to their Store page:

“We would like to spend one year refining AFF to a 1.0 standard and adding currently prototype content.”
Public progress tracker:None
Uses Beta versions?No
Info on last 3 updatesClick to see Steam changelog
Version:Patch 6
Date:December 8th, 2015
Focus:Addition of single player, bug fixes
Is this build stable?Yes
On Time?Unknown
Version:Patch 5
Date:November 17th, 2015
Focus:Performance fixes, bug fixes, some gameplay additions
On Time?Unknown
Version:Patch 4
Date:October 27th, 2015
Focus:Bug fixes and tweaks
On Time?Unknown
Info on next 3 updates
Estimated Date:Week starting Feb 8th according to this post
Focus:Optimisation, gameplay improvement, possibly maps
Estimated Date:No information given
Focus:No information given
Estimated Date:No information given
Focus:No information given
External (other):Unknown

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