Twitch bot commands

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Here is the current list of commands. This will be updated from time to time (last update May 1st, 2019)

  • !commands – this will link to this page.
  • !discord – this will provide an invitation link to the discord server.
  • !raffleinfo – explains what the raffle is for this month.
  • !raffle (number) – buy (number) tickets to the raffle. For example !raffle 1.
  • !give (name) (number) – this will give (number) PhyreBalls to (name). For example, !give phyrefli 1000.
  • !points or !phyreballs – this will list your rank and number of PhyreBalls you have.
  • !uptime – the amount of time the current stream has been live.
  • !twitchdrops – shows a link to the Wargaming page with info on how Twitch drops work

Below are the sound effects you can fire off. Each one costs 10 PhyreBalls, and there is a 1 minute user cool down:

  • !balls
  • !denied
  • !germandispersion
  • !notsure
  • !heknew

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