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The latest and greatest version of Star Citizen was released on Dec 23rd. Due to the holidays I didn’t get to play it until the 28th, but it was more than worth the wait!

Let’s deal with the bad stuff first. It’s clear many things were cut from 3.0 in order to get the release out in 2017. Here’s a very short list of examples:

  • NPCs are effectively useless.
  • There’s not that many missions to play through.
  • The smallest ships (like my Mustang) can’t even complete half the missions because they can’t carry the boxes or items you’re supposed to retrieve!

There are also many bugs, such as insurance claims not recording, not being able to get into your ship (necessitating that insurance claim to clear the bug) and many others.

But by damn it’s still a fun experience despite all the above!

First of all just jumping in your ship and tootalling off into the universe is fun. Exploration, checking out the procedural planet tech, looking at the different types of station are worth several hours of play on their own.

Oh, and seeing the ships live in the game is incredible. Of course I saw my dainty Mustang in 2.6, but in 3.0 you can see some of the much larger ships (and play them if you own them). This is what happened when I walked out of a docking pad and saw a Constellation:

In fact earlier today I did a mission which meant searching through a destroyed Starfarer. It took almost 10 mins to find what I was looking for the ship is that big.

Then of course, we come to what will really drive Star Citizen – people. Now you can do missions with friends, pilot multi-crew ships with friends (ever wanted to man a turret while someone else handles the flying) and meet new people as you’re travelling around the solar system. During some missions I’ve been shot and killed, but in others I’ve ended up doing a star ballet with another ship. It’s those kinds of interactions that will drive this game, and it’s extraordinarily cool to see them already in and functional.

You can also mess around a little. For a lot of the missions you have to leave your ship – and sometimes people leave them open. If they”re killed, grab another ship, or disconnect, then their ship is left for anyone to take…..kinda like this clip:



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