Goodbye, Planetside 1

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One of my all-time favourite gaming memories was standing guard on the walls of a base in Planetside 1, watching the dark turn to daylight, after having wrested the base from another faction during the early evening.

For its time Planetside 1 was an amazing game, and it’s successor – unsurprisingly named Planetside 2 – is an equally impressive game.  I play it often as the sheer scale of battles, coupled with the graphics, sound and sci-fi setting, are right up my alley. Although I’m not at all sure about being killed by people in pink spandex. Now if they’d just add BattleMechs….

The PS1 servers were turned off a short time ago. Steven Messner and pals recorded this video of the in-game apocalypse the devs crafted to mark the end of the game. Goodbye, Planetside 1:


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