Twitch channel bot commands

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Here is the current list of commands. This will be updated from time to time.

  • !commands – this will provide a link to this page.
  • !socialmedia – lists the twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.
  • !heist (number) – this will start off a heist. For example, if you type !heist 5 you’ll be betting 5 PhyreBalls on a successful heist.
  • !points – this will list your rank and number of PhyreBalls you have. You receive 20 PhyreBalls for following. You also receive 2 PhyreBalls every 15 mins when the channel is live, and 1 every 30 mins when the channel is not live.
  • !songrequest (youtube link) – this will add the requested song to the song request list. For example: !songrequest . Any genre is fine, but please do not request obscene songs. If in doubt, ask yourself, “would Mum listen to this?” 😛
  • !uptime – the amount of time the current stream has been live.

Below are the sound effects you can fire off. Each one costs 5 PhyreBalls, and there is a 2 minute cool down:

  • !xfiles
  • !oneofus
  • !malfunction
  • !gameover
  • !asskick
  • !sparta
  • !needinfo
  • !resistance

There are 5 ranks on the channel:

  • Phyre Born – these are people who have just started watching.
  • Phyre Novitiate – watchers with more than 5 hours of watching.
  • Phyre Master – this is for people who have watched for more than 25 hours. At this point you also become a regular.
  • Phyre Elite – if you’ve watched the channel for more than 100 hours, you are earn this rank.
  • Phyre GOD! – this ultimate rank is earned after watching the channel for more than 500 hours.



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