Developer Review: Fractured Space (Edge Case Games)

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Edge Case Games are the development studio behind the space combat game Fractured Space. This developer review looks a little into the history of the studio, and then rates Edge Case Games on their progress towards completing Fractured Space.

Full Review
Fractured Space 
Date of Developer Review:February 8th, 2016
Date of Developer Interview:Not interviewed
Game Name:Fractured Space
Game Version:January Patch
Studio Name:Edge Case Games
Current Employees:20+ (based on this image)
Steam release date:Nov 20th, 2014 (expected to transition into F2P in 2016)
Number of months funding available:Unknown
Principle funding source:Unknown
Steam link:Fractured Space
Community interaction rating:B
Development speed rating:B
Development clarity rating:B
Developer honesty rating:A
Estimated finish date:2016 (originally 2015)
Public progress tracker:Trello board
Uses Beta versions?No
Info on last 3 updatesClick here for update history
Version:January Patch
Date:January 28th, 2016
Focus:Balancing and bugs
Is this build stable?Yes, although many users experience lag spikes
On Time?Not relevant
Version:January Update
Date:January 26th, 2016
Focus:New tech tree, reset of most stats, content, balancing, bug fixes
On Time?Not relevant
Version:7th Jan Patch
Date:January 7th, 2016
Focus:Frontline gamemode returned, balancing and bugs
On Time?Not relevant
Info on next 3 updatesSee end of this forum post for extended info
Estimated Date:February
Focus:Various, as per this forum post
Estimated Date:March 2016 (estimate, based on previous updates)
Estimated Date:April 2016 (estimate, based on previous updates)
External (other):Unknown


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