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Slime Rancher is a cutesy, colourful and weirdly fun game created by Monomi Park. This review looks at Monomi Park, and asks if they’re capable of finishing Slime Rancher, and if you should consider purchasing the game.

Full Review:

Monomi Park really stand out as a developer which has – at least so far – got it right. They ensured Slime Rancher was significantly advanced before releasing on Steam Early Access, and have continued rapid updates since then. Their scores were:

Developer Rating: Positive

  • Community: B
  • Development Speed: B
  • Development Clarity: B
  • Developer Honesty: A

What’s your opinion on Monomi Park? Do you think they’re a developer that warrants a Positive recommendation, or do you think it should have been negative?

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Slime Rancher 
Date of Developer Review:January 25th, 2016
Date of Developer Interview:February 4th, 2016
Game Name:Slime Rancher
Game Version:0.2.4b
Studio Name:Monomi Park
Current Employees:2
Steam release date:January 14th, 2016
Number of months funding available:Unknown
Principle funding source:Unknown
Steam link:http://store.steampowered.com/app/433340
Community interaction rating:B
Development speed rating:B
Development clarity rating:B
Developer honesty rating:A
Estimated finish date:Autumn 2016
Public progress tracker:None
Uses Beta versions?No
Info on last 3 updatesLink to update changelog
Date:January 20th, 2016
Is this build stable?Yes
On Time?N/A
Date:January 13th, 2016
On Time?Unknown
Date:January 12th, 2016
Focus:Gameplay and Bugs
On Time?Unknown
Info on next 3 updates
Estimated Date:Not released by developer
Focus:Link to major version roadmap
Estimated Date:Not released by developer
Focus:Link to major version roadmap
Estimated Date:Not released by developer
Focus:Link to major version roadmap
External (other):Unknown

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