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Time was the main video content delivery site was YouTube. You could see the latest video from your favourite channels, at a time of your choosing, and see some pretty high quality stuff. For many years this was my main way of watching video content.

But over the last couple of years I’ve noticed a huge drop in my personal time on YouTube, and a subsequent increase in time watching Twitch streamers. Even traditional YouTubers, such as TotalBiscuit, can have 10,000+ people watching them when they stream. Right now I follow 144 different channels, and you can see some of my favourites at the bottom of this post.


In fact, and don’t hate me for this 😉 as I’m writing this post the CoD world league stream is on in the background with Machine and MoMo casting. It’s not necessarily the game that interests me, I quite like watching LoL for example and genuinely haven’t got a clue what’s going on, but the production quality and casting quality is excellent. Good casters are personalities in themselves, and can bring alive a game between two teams in a way that makes you invested in the game you’re watching. And next time you watch it because you’ve not got a team to cheer for.

This is why I’ve moved from YT to Twitch. Twitch is immediate, you can talk to the people who are casting, and support them through subscriptions. It’s not pre-canned content, it’s raw and in the here and now. Someone screws up, you get to see it in realtime. If a streamer you’re watching pulls off an awesome clutch, you can celebrate with him / her.

So here’s the question – which one do you use the most now, Twitch or YouTube? And for a bonus cookie, let me know why in the comments.

Here’s some of my current favourite streamers for you to check out, and a little bit of info on them:

ProjeCtSoLO – Mainly CSGO, plays in a female team. Slightly off-the-wall streamer, but good fun to watch.

BaseTradeTV – One of the best StarCraft 2 casting duos. They live for SC2 and are amazing commentators.

Hiko – A professional CSGO player, Hiko’s reactions are inhuman. Well known personality in the scene.

NGNGTV – The main streamer for MechWarrior Online. Various streamers use the channel. Personally I prefer Sean Lang as the best of the bunch.

Spunj – An Australian CSGO player. He’s nuts and often does very long streams. His faux casting impressions are worth watching on their own.

Sacriel – One of the best streamers. Period. He has a very high quality of play, will explain what he’s doing and why, and loves what he does. Strongly recommend following him.

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0 thoughts on “Twitch or YouTube – Which Do You Prefer?

  1. I think what makes YouTube my go to, is the style of videos you can’t do on a live stream. 90% of the videos that I enjoy and make me laugh are ones that were edited a certain way with random things added to them. I don’t mind live streaming for somethings but I think it’s overall time you have to dedicate to it. Where a well edited shorted video does it for me.

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