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ScreenShot0012Star Citizen has been around for a few years now, and recently passed the $100 million funding mark. In almost every way possible, it has become the poster child for a successful Kickstarter, and post-Kickstarter, game.

But at some point surely it’s going to run out of steam, and the number of backers joining and people buying has got to slow down. Right?

Maybe not….

With the release of the 2.0.0 update, Star Citizen has released an early version of its persistent universe. You can now fly several ships around a singular star system, as well as run around a star port and play in the Arena mode (if you have access to that).

And that’s why I finally bought a Star Citizen game package.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of games that have not been completed. And there’s been more than a little doubt cast on Star Citizen in the last few months. Update 2.0.0 is the first time, in my eyes at least, that Star Citizen has delivered. Not just a demo mode, not just an (admittedly pretty) ship in a hangar, but a straight-up example of what they’re aiming to achieve with this game. And it’s pretty cool.

So I plumped for one of the basic start packages, which gives access to all areas + 1 ship. The game is still very early, but the fact you can now fly around and do limited missions is a major milestone. Plus, just playing with the HUD and in-ship systems is quite a blast. There’s a lot to learn there, and spending time getting up to speed is surprisingly fun. Now I can get a feel for where Star Citizen is heading – and it’s a journey I want to join them on.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Star Citizen gains a second wind as new features and content come online. Who knows, in a few year we could be talking about them passing the $200 million mark!

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