Been playing a lot of Mechwarrior Online recently…

…and managed to capture this little fight between one of the smallest mechs, and one of the largest mechs, in the game. The King Crab (the large mech) only took LRMs, which are useless at short range. It’s the first time I’ve seen this; quite often King Crabs will take ballistic weapons which will tear something small like a Jenner apart in seconds. So when I realised he was LRM only – time to go for the kill 🙂

Battleborn Open Beta – April 13th for PC

Battleborn is a new game from the creators of the Borderlands series. Although similar in some ways to games such as Paragon and Overwatch, it has significant differences.

The open beta starts for PC on April 13th (no purchase required), and you can preload the beta from Steam by going to the Steam store page and clicking the preload button:


For a bit more info on why Battleborn might become a sleeper hit, have a watch of this video from TotalBiscuit:

Read this post for full info on the beta:

Twitch channel bot commands

Here is the current list of commands. This will be updated from time to time.

  • !commands – this will provide a link to this page.
  • !socialmedia – lists the twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.
  • !heist (number) – this will start off a heist. For example, if you type !heist 5 you’ll be betting 5 PhyreBalls on a successful heist.
  • !points – this will list your rank and number of PhyreBalls you have. You receive 20 PhyreBalls for following. You also receive 2 PhyreBalls every 15 mins when the channel is live, and 1 every 30 mins when the channel is not live.
  • !songrequest (youtube link) – this will add the requested song to the song request list. For example: !songrequest . Any genre is fine, but please do not request obscene songs. If in doubt, ask yourself, “would Mum listen to this?” 😛
  • !uptime – the amount of time the current stream has been live.

Below are the sound effects you can fire off. Each one costs 5 PhyreBalls, and there is a 2 minute cool down:

  • !xfiles
  • !oneofus
  • !malfunction
  • !gameover
  • !asskick
  • !sparta
  • !needinfo
  • !resistance

There are 5 ranks on the channel:

  • Phyre Born – these are people who have just started watching.
  • Phyre Novitiate – watchers with more than 5 hours of watching.
  • Phyre Master – this is for people who have watched for more than 25 hours. At this point you also become a regular.
  • Phyre Elite – if you’ve watched the channel for more than 100 hours, you are earn this rank.
  • Phyre GOD! – this ultimate rank is earned after watching the channel for more than 500 hours.



Drowning in Subnautica

Last week I took the plunge and finally bought the early access game Subnautica. I’ve long liked Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the studio behind the game, largely due to their work on Natural Selection 2, a fun and underrated asymmetrical FPS.

In fact I’ve hardly stopped playing Subnautica, and have been enjoying it so much I decided to re-start streaming after a very long absence (click here to view my stream). It’s a great game, so I put together this relatively short video to give an idea of some of the amazing sights you can see in the game, and some of the things you can develop after a few hours playing. Enjoy 🙂

Developer Interview: Alexander Bergendahl, SNOW

SNOW is a game which was originally launched on Early Access October 10th, 2013. It recently transited to a F2P model and entered a beta state. If you’re not familiar with the game, here’s something to whet your appetite:

The CEO and Game Director for SNOW, Alexander Bergendahl, was kind enough to answer these questions via email. A quick shout-out to Alexander for taking the time to provide such in-depth answers.

1. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in Poppermost Productions?

Alexander Bergendahl: I am the CEO and Game Director at Poppermost. As a CEO I manage the day-to-day of the company, hiring, meeting with our shareholders and partners and anything else that falls on my plate. As Game Director I work with all teams to maintain a unified vision in the game as well as manage the production of the game itself. I also try and take part in as much testing and community conversations as possible.


2. How did you come up with the name Poppermost?

AB: Poppermost is a very subtle Beatles reference. The best way to explain it is with a YouTube link:

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Developer Interview: Chris Mallinson, GRIP

GRIP is an exciting, futuristic racer launched on Early Access on February 2nd, 2016. Here’s the launch trailer to get you in the mood:

Chris Mallinson, Game Director on GRIP, was kind enough to take the time to answer a series of development-related questions via email.

1. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you joined the gaming industry?

Chris Mallinson: I was actually a roofer and home renovator before starting the development of GRIP, so this is my first experience in the industry. But I did take a college course in 3D graphics when I was younger, and have some UT2004 and HL2 modding experience. Other than that though, I’m a greenhorn


2. The lead up to an Early Access release is extremely stressful. Would you say the team has settled back into a regular routine, or are you still in all-hands-on-deck mode?

CM: We’ve settled a bit, but it’s still very much all hands on deck. We want to push out updates pretty frequently, so the pressure is still there. I don’t hold normal working hours, I can tell you that much

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