It’s kind of hard as a producer and community manager to have a portfolio. As a producer, most of what you do is behind the scenes, and as a community manager you don’t really create things which you would consider to be part of a classical portfolio.

So here’s my attempt at getting around that, by putting links to a select number of articles and videos I’ve either created, or been heavily involved with, in a professional capacity.

If you’re interested in the work I’ve done personally, everything on phyrefli.com is my own work, and I have hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel, including the Phyrefli’s Video Digest series which was what got me into community management in the first place back in 2013. I also occasionally post on Gamasutra.

If you would like to see where else I’m active, please check out the Connect page.

And yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight 😛

Examples of Professional Website articles

SITREP series for Interstellar Marines (last 13 articles)


Game Update Announcements for Interstellar Marines (Updates 6-18)


Professional Videos

deVlog series for Interstellar Marines

Several Update videos and WIP videos for Interstellar Marines


Videos I’ve Appeared In (most created by Jonas Ladefoged Holm)


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