Twitch bot commands

Here is the current list of commands. This will be updated from time to time (last update May 1st, 2019)

  • !commands – this will link to this page.
  • !discord – this will provide an invitation link to the discord server.
  • !raffleinfo – explains what the raffle is for this month.
  • !raffle (number) – buy (number) tickets to the raffle. For example !raffle 1.
  • !give (name) (number) – this will give (number) PhyreBalls to (name). For example, !give phyrefli 1000.
  • !points or !phyreballs – this will list your rank and number of PhyreBalls you have.
  • !uptime – the amount of time the current stream has been live.
  • !twitchdrops – shows a link to the Wargaming page with info on how Twitch drops work

Below are the sound effects you can fire off. Each one costs 10 PhyreBalls, and there is a 1 minute user cool down:

  • !balls
  • !denied
  • !germandispersion
  • !notsure
  • !heknew

The Final Subnautica Playthrough (finally!)

Subnautica…what an awesome game 😎 Over the Christmas and New Year period I streamed a whole playthrough, from beginning to end, of the final game. It was a blast to play, and seeing the final ending for the first time was pretty intense.

If you want to watch the very final section (which contains all the parts of the game I’d not seen before) here it is:

And the entire playthrough, over 25 hours of footage, is in 8 videos all wrapped up together in its very own playlist

Battleborn Open Beta – April 13th for PC

Battleborn is a new game from the creators of the Borderlands series. Although similar in some ways to games such as Paragon and Overwatch, it has significant differences.

The open beta starts for PC on April 13th (no purchase required), and you can preload the beta from Steam by going to the Steam store page and clicking the preload button:


For a bit more info on why Battleborn might become a sleeper hit, have a watch of this video from TotalBiscuit:

Read this post for full info on the beta: