First Impressions: Dual Gear Pre Alpha

Dual Gear is a mecha game which is on Indiegogo right now looking for support. I’ve written about it a few times already. Their pre-alpha demo it out, and free to download and play from IndieDB.

I’ve had the time to play through the demo a few times, and above is a recording from today’s stream. The game shows a lot of promise, and the cinematics are really a delight to watch. The gameplay itself needs some work, and there are some bugs, but it’s a pre-alpha so that’s expected. What’s not expected is that the build is stable, hasn’t crashed yet, and is already getting me excited for (hopefully) this game coming out in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more or supporting Dual Gear, here are the two links:

Indiegogo campaign link:

IndieDB download link:

Cool Dual Gear News

A few weeks ago I posted this article about Dual Gear, an interesting new mech game which is in development.

To coincide with their Indiegogo campaign, which you can view by clicking here:

they have released an alpha demo of the game (thanks to MrFlou for the heads up!). You can download the alpha from IndieDB via this link:

Do be aware though that the download speed seems quite slow right now, and their website appears to be down as well at the time of writing.

Look out for a report on how well the demo runs, and whether or not you should consider backing the Indiegogo campaign, in the near future.

And while you’re waiting, here’s 18 minutes of mech pr0n:

Dual Gear Caught My Eye

Mech and mecha games have long been a personal fascination, and Dual Gear’s new Indiegogo teaser video is so cool it had me grabbing the tissues to wipe up the saliva. There’s tons of indie games out there, so it’s nice to see one from a small team that has obvious high production values which helps it stand out.

It’s 3rd person view, graphics and interesting UI stand out immediately. Looking at bit further into the project, a lot of the concept art is top notch as well. You can see quite a lot on their Facebook page by clicking here. Since they’re doing an Indiegogo campaign, and they’re only 5 people, it’s safe to say they’re probably not well funded, so this might just be the first project I back on Indiegogo.

As a note, they do say there’s a public demo download on their site. The link does not work, so hopefully that’ll be sorted. The Indiegogo campaign is due to start on Jan 25th.

For more info, their contact details are: