Astroneer Is Looking Impressive

Astroneer is a game I’ve been watching for some time. It’s a very colourful game with an uncommon unique art style, and is very far in development considering it’s still in Early Access. It’s developed and published by System Era Softworks, and at the time of writing has an 86% very positive rating on Steam with over 21 thousand reviews. Astroneer is also available on XBOX as well, and players on both platforms can play in the same game. As it’s not a twitch-shooter it’s a game that can be successfully played this way.

One of the first things that impressed me about this open world sandbox release was how huge the world is; especially considering it is an indie game. Additionally, despite being very appealing to the eye, it doesn’t require an overly powerful GPU, so a lot of systems can enjoy its full beauty. The processor and RAM requirements are also quite low, so it’s a game that manages to cram a lot into a small set of requirements.

The story is not very complex, it is just a simple gold rush idea, but implemented on planets instead. These planets are automatically generated, and on every planet you can find elements needed to create your own vehicles that can take you to new planets. Once you land in these gold mines, you can reshape the terrain itself. The developers are pretty excited about this feature, and they point it out as one of the most exciting parts of the game.

After watching a few gameplay videos, it’s becomes pretty clear pretty fast that the devs have lavished a lot of love on this game. The game has a day/night cycle – there is a flashlight to help you, which makes for some nice visuals when playing. In your adventure, you will encounter many different surroundings, as this game consists of many planets (and, apparently, moons) that are all there for you to explore. In third person perspective, your goal is to guide your little spaceman to ensure his survival. Your friends can join too, as this game offers a multiplayer option. Up to 4 players can play together at once, which is pretty cool.

On the other hand, if you were not a fan of physics and chemistry in school, you might dislike the exploration part a little bit, as there are many terms that will be familiar to you exactly from these classes. Copper, aluminium, hydrazine and many more, all have their use in this atmospheric crafting game. Still, a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone, so it’s not really a reason not to play the game.

Astroneer has had some big updates recently, and according to their store page more are in the works. It’s also just concluded a 20% discount sale (likely to be the lowest price the game will be at during Early Access according to the devs). I like a dev team that knows the value of their game.

There is a special version of the game that includes the original soundtrack. If anyone buys Astroneer with the soundtrack addition, make sure to let me know if it was worth it 😉

Astroneer is on Steam here:

Three Interesting Indie / Early Access Games from February

The shortest month of the year is now gone, but it didn’t leave without a bang, at least not where new games are concerned. Instead of focusing on the popular releases everybody has heard of, I decided to point the spotlight on some Indie games. Simple games can create hours of fun, and every now and then something special comes out that overshadows even the big names. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that were released in February.

3. Mercenary Kings Reloaded

This 2D action game received a huge update in February, making it a whole new game, and a whole new experience. Jump into the shoes of a mercenary (or more of them: multiplayer is included!) and defeat the CLAW organization – all of this while being able to customize your guns and armour.

Although, if you are not a fan of a 90’s looking environment, you might want to look at the next game instead… Click here to go to the Steam page.

2. Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

The trailers for this game are, frankly, awful. I nearly closed the browser at that point. But what caught my eye was the number of reviews, and how positive they were (2,224 at 91% when writing). So I checked it out.

As a leader in the game, you have to make advancements in both strategy and actual fighting – it’s an all-round conquest game. Making money and building an army may be very interesting to those of you who love traditional strategy games, but personally I was the most excited about the FPS part and how that plays. The Steam forums indicate the devs are active, and this game could be something rather interesting. Click here to go to the Steam page.

1. The Station

The most advanced of the games on this list, this sci-fi space-themed game is being billed as a masterpiece. It was successfully Kickstarted in November 2016, although delivery of the final game was several months late.

Its puzzle elements bring out suspense, and the space station surroundings create a unique atmosphere. Just looking at the trailers and some of the gameplay footage make me want to dive into it.

The Station is a first-person game, so it is great for those of us who like that style of game – just, this time, we’ll have to focus on the puzzles instead of aiming. Looking at the work that has gone into The Station, I’d say this is certainly worth checking out. The back-story to the game is that a research station has been setup to monitor a sentient alien species. But the team go out of contact, and a recon specialist is sent to investigate. Want to know what happens? Play the game 😉 Click here to go to the Steam page.

Let me know if you’ve played any of these games, and what you think of them!


Congrats to Slime Rancher on Leaving Early Access!

Slime Rancher is a really cool, relaxing fun game to play. Monami Park released the game on Early Access in Jan 2016, and it left Early Access as a full game yesterday – August 1st.

So a big shout-out to the guys over at Monomi Park for sticking to their guns and completing their game!

Back in Jan 2016 I did a developer review on Monomi Park and gave them a glowingly positive recommendation for Slime Rancher. Glad to see they didn’t prove me wrong!